What is learning quotes?

Learning Quotes is a database of quotes about learning. It is made so you can for example compare the point of view of German psychologist from the 20th century to Greek philosophers from the antiquity. The advanced search will also help you search in a thematic way with more than 180 tags.

How can I help?

If you like this project, you can contribute in two ways:

  • Send me some quotes to add to the database! The more complete the quote’s information, the better it is. So don’t forget about the author, date and source. I have some quotes for you !
  • Show your support for open projects like this one! By making a small donation, you help me pay for hosting and I have an incentive and ressources for more open projects. I want to help make awesome projects !

Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Raphaël and I am both a Phd student in Educational Sciences and a Human Resources consultant living in Paris. You might be interested in my blog about learning through arts and sciences (in French). You can also join me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter.